1st Stop - London

I'm in London at the moment and will be here until Friday. The flight from Southern Cal to here was exhausting. My aunt, uncle and I flew from Orange County to Dallas, Dallas to Chicago, & finally Chicago to London. From the time the plane left the ground in Orange County to thie time I set foot in London, it took about 17 hours including layovers. Luckily for me, I didn't sleep the night before. This made it easy for me to snooze away the majority of my flights. I think I woke up twice to have the micro-meal the airline serves and to have a beverage. Otherwise, I was completely unconscious. I hope I wasn't snoring too loudly..hahahaha..

Good news is my dad is okay. He just won't be able to travel for quite some time.. Even better news is that my mom was able to go after all.. In fact, she arrived here at 9:15 this morning. She's snoozing soundly in our hotel room as I speak.

I've been in London for about 1.5 days and haven't really gotten to see much. The jet lag is terrible. The time difference between here and Los Angeles is 9 hours. We had planned to go around yesterday, but ended up sleeping most of the day. Thankfully, our tour doesn't officialy start until Friday. Currently, I've been walking around some my hotel which is in the Islington section of London. This is considered North London. Hopefully, I'll actually get to see some sights today.. I will post more later:)

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