Uncensored Thought

There are moments upon moments where I really could just hand little cards like this out.

I love my husband, but sometimes the ideas he comes up with deserve a card like this. I won't enumerated some of his fanciful ideas. I'll just say it takes all that I have to be diplomatic and tactful sometimes. I don't think it would be in my best interests to be mean to my husband all the time.

I would also love to use this card for some of the design requests I receive.
  • 100 custom invites for $100 in a week? Hand the card. Here's your answer.
  • Tags for baby shower favors tomorrow? Hand the card. Here's your answer.
  • Brochure design with photo retouching for $150? Hand the card. Here's your answer.
It would be so sweet! Alas, it would probably be a poor business practice.

I would love to use this one for some people at work. There are some people that I work with that are incredible. They are talented and diligent. I admire them because some have long commutes and families that they care for. Then, there are the others. There is a small contingent that just the littlest amount of overtime or extra work causes them to whine louder than spoiled 4-year-olds at a toy store. Or, they expect to be patted on the back and given medals. It's aggravating. For them, I offer this card.

I think these would make life THAT much easier. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to continue to hone my diplomacy and sensitivity. I might just buy these cards and keep them in my desk drawer... just in case.

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elizabeth said...

oh boy, i love that hell to the no card - i have a friend that says that all the time i just might have to make her some cards that say it! HA!

ps - you're one of my swap partners and i can't wait to see your craftiness!

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