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In high school, I took a home economics type class. I made a lop-sided duffle bag and a deformed chocolate chip cookie pillow. I had a such a terrible time making both projects that I didn't sew again. I've always been envious of my friends who can sew.

All the craft shows that I've been to in the past year have inspired me. I decided that I wanted to learn/relearn is how to sew with a sewing machine. I want to do basic things like make decorative pillows, maybe some pajamas.

I used trusty Yelp.com to find sewing classes. My search led me to Sew L.A. It's this hip sewing studio in Silver Lake. It's definitely not like your grandma's sewing shop. They teach classes and have a small shop. They carry some great specialty and import fabrics.

I signed up for their Machine Intro Class and Return of the Machine Class.


Learning to sew was much easier this time around.

After the 1st class, I made this.
The second class was about different stitches and what they are used for. Here are some of my sample stitches.

I'm addicted. I plan to take more classes soon, but the break in my design schedule is almost up. My mind is racing with all the different things I can make. For now, I'm really hoping Santa will bring one of these.

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rebekah said...

I have this on my list of things to do in the near future. I love the idea of sewing, but have never actually put it into application. :)

Neleh said...

"threadbanger" that's an awesome name.

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