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Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm not sure exactly what this says about me, but I have become a professional wedding attendee. Sometimes I'm a guest. Sometimes I'm assisting my coordinator friend. Either way you slice it, I've been to 9 weddings this year. This rivals the year I turned 26. That year I went to 8 weddings. {25-26 is primo marrying age in Virginia.}


I enjoyed all the weddings I attended this year make no mistake. Some I was more emotionally invested than others. I got teary-eyed at every ceremony. I'm a sap. Carmela & George's wedding is no exception. I've become friends with Carmela & George over the course of the last couple of months. George is a sugar fiend like Rob. So, we have periodically traded favorite desserts. I've been especially vested in this wedding because I have worked closely with Carmela on a good portion of her paper accessories. {Note: I did not design all projects. This girl has a lot of her own creativity. My handiwork will be featured on my design blog} We have made a multitude of trips downtown for materials and chatted endlessly over every project. Everything she worked on was meticulously executed. I give her extra points for getting all of these details done a week before the wedding.

POG - Knot-5

The wedding was more beautiful than imagined. The food was awesome. They did their first dance to "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe. Anyone that can dance like that in a wedding dress or tux kicks @ss in my book. The event exuded ambiance and modern romance.

I think it helps that Carmela & George had a dream team of wedding vendors. The venue La Venta Inn was picturesque. The food and catering service provided by New York Food Company was superb. Tom Chandler of California Sounds was a charismatic emcee and DJ. Sarah K. Chen and Jason Q. Tran were photographers on hand. Pamela Masters Photography manned their photobooth. To help everything go smoothly and on schedule, my dear friend Paola of Just Chic Events was the coordinator of the day.

I had a fabulous time and am glad to end my year as a professional wedding guest on a high note. Congrats to Carmela & George!

Of course, here are my pictures.

POG - Knot-22
George & Carmela cut their cake

POG - Knot-23
Official First Dance

My Inner Pirate appeared in the Photobooth

Me & Paola

Daniella, Me, and Ingrid

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