March Trudges On

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This month has gone by in a blur. I just now I realized that I've only written 4 posts this month. The majority of my time has been eaten up by design projects. I am grateful that Wedding Season has started for me and I have been working non-stop. I've completed some really fun projects.

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If there was a theme for this month (aside from Busy, Busy, Busy), it would be Sugar Overload. First, those pesky Girl Crack Dealers Scouts are peddling their wares. It's Cookie Time! Those persistent little salesgirls are everywhere. I thought I was going to survive this cookie season unscathed and my thighs intact. No such luck. They snagged me on the way out of REI. {The irony!}. I scooped up boxes of the Lemon Chalet Cremes and Dulce de Leche. The former is highly addictive. The latter takes like Carmel Coffee Syrup on a cookie. I had a minor meltdown 2 days later and went cookie hunting. I came home with 6 boxes.... that disappeared in a week...without any help. {I'm such a glutton!}

Cathee, Amanda & Chrisma at the Staples Center (photo borrowed from Amanda's Facebook)

My sister Cathee and her girlfriends Amanda and Chrisma came to town to watch a Laker game. They had planned a full Girls Getaway Weekend. Sadly since I'm neither Girly nor could I get away from my work, I met them for lunch. My days of partying like a video vixen are in my distant past.
Chrisma, Cathee & Amanda on their way out (photo borrowed from Amanda's Facebook)

Of course, I rounded up the usual suspects. My cousins, Janine and Jo met us for lunch along with Janine's daughter Bella and her boyfriend Joe.

In honor of Cathee's and Joe's upcoming birthdays, I made a quick trip to Porto's Bakery. {I told you this month was about Sugar Overload.}
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We had lunch at Manna Korean BBQ. It's akin to some of the open air eateries you'd find in Southeast Asia. Here are some photos of the action

Galbi (Short Ribs) on the grill

Bulgogi & Galbi (Short Ribs)

Enjoying lunch - Janine, Bella, Amanda, Jo, & Joe

Chrisma, Cathee, Jo, & Joe

Janine & Bella

The fantastic Fruit Tart from Porto's

They have this strange tradition of spraying Champagne on birthday celebrants.
Here's the waiter shaking up the bottle

Cathee contemplating how much of the cake she can run off with

Jo hams it up

Yes, Rob and I were there. We were clever enough to stay out of the photos.

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Pamela said...

You girls have some good genes! Your sister is beautiful!

Stop it with these food photos....you're making me hungry!

Sara | Stinkerpants! said...

Darn it! You have made me hungry.

Aileen said...

manna korean bbq AND a porto's fruit tart? two of my favorite things. :-)

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