102 Reasons to Celebrate

I am on the road yet again. When I had hoped that this year would be filled with lots of travel, I got more thoan I bargained for. I flew out to Virginia for my Lola's 102nd birthday. My Lola loves birthdays so much that there was no way that I was going to miss it.
This year's celebration was low-key. As much as she loves the company, Lola gets a bit overwhelmed and exhausted by the excitement. I don't blame her if I were 100+ I'm not sure how energetic I'd be. We've told our relatives to spread their visits apart. This allows Lola to really enjoy each person's company and also gives her something to look forward to.

The Birthday Girl sits and enjoys the conversations

Lola is a very spirited and lively storyteller
Instead of visits, Lola received quite a few phone calls. Each call was from a different part of the globe.


Lola's Faith has sustained her through many of life's trials and tribulations. In recent years, she has been unable to attend mass as often as she used to. Fortunately, Father Gerry Markey an old family friend came to visit. He had a mass in Lola's honor at home.


Because of her hearing difficulties, Father Markey sat close to Lola and spoke loud enough for her to hear.
Father Markey gives Lola a special blessing

Uncle Bo (Lola's son who lives in O.C.) greets Lola after mass

Uncle Bo and Franky offer to help Lola blow out her candles...

... but Lola doesn't need any help

Even Father Markey offered to help

Ethan tells Lola he has a gift for her

His gift? He tells her he loves her
Happy Birthday to my Lola, who has been teaching us all how to age gracefully!

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johnwaire | photo said...

really incredible. happy birthday lola!

mchen said...

Aw Anne... I am tearing up as I read this, looking at the pics, and am so genuinely touched. Happy 102nd to your sweet Lola. I want to give her a hug! Very sweet. Thanks for sharing :)

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