Every dog deserves his day

Melanie & Dobby as a pup
{from Khurram's personal collection}

Dobby is my late cousin Melanie and my cousin-in-law's Black Cocker Spaniel. They both used to say that he is their first child. He is the sweetest dog. He loves his ball and his sister Aalia. {In that order.} When Aalia cries, he checks on her. If she cries for too long, he goes in search of another human as if to say "this person isn't handling the situation properly." We've become fast friends. He's easily bought. I brought him a gift and scratched behind his ears. He followed me around like a shadow and is oh-so-cuddly. Although his "sister" is a doll, I thought Dobby deserved a few shots of his own.

Here are a few of my favorites.





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