BIG News - Part 3

Aside from moving and getting divorced, there is a third part to all of this....

Dottie is staying with Rob in Los Angeles.

A few weeks back when the details were being hammered out and arrangements were being made, it was decided that Dottie would stay with Rob. Again without going into too many details, this was a heavily discussed and debated topic. I can only say that when we finally came to this decision I was so upset that I could not speak to anyone for a week.

Even now as I write this, I am teary-eyed and emotional. Dottie is the first dog that I have raised from the time they were a puppy. We rescued Dottie when she was only 5 weeks old. Ironically, Dottie is the 1st Christmas gift Rob ever gave me.
Dottie the morning after she was rescued - 01/14/05

I cannot underscore how difficult this is for me. Because I have been working from home for the last year and a half, Dottie has become my constant companion and my muse. I photograph her, crochet scarves for her, sew jackets for her, etc., etc. She is the best napping buddy a gal could ask for. In the deepest of my depressions, Dottie has been there to make me smile and feel loved in a way that only a dog can.
Dottie and one of the many balls in our home 10/09

As hard as this is, my best friend Cicely reminds me that Dottie isn't in a bad situation. She's not ill or worse, dead. She is just staying with Rob. For as much as Rob and I could not agree on many topics, Dottie is the one thing we could always agree on. He loves and spoils her as much as I do, if not more. I have no doubt that she will still be loved and cared for.

By staying in L.A., Dottie is not far from her best friend Piper (the Shiba Inu) and her buddies Kevin and Lu. Lastly, she won't be far from the mountains and hills where she loves to play. My pup is an outdoors dog. She would hate not having mountains and hills to romp around in. The flatness of Virginia Beach would drive her crazy.
June 2008 - photo copyright ©2008 Shine Pet Photos

Of course, Rob agreed that whenever I'm in L.A. I am more than welcome to pick up our pup and spend time with her. Because of the bond that Dottie and I share, I know that she will always be my pup. Time and distance will never change that.

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Sara | Stinkerpants! said...

OH my god, Anne. I am so sorry!

Kanishka B. said...

I have to admit one of the first things that came into my mind after Part 2 was, "where will Dottie go?". I'm sure you guys made the right decision and your friend Cicely is so right. It still makes me so sad. I know how close you are to your girl and I feel the same way about mine. At least she will give you one more reason to visit LA.

Courtney Faith said...

:-( I have no words. :-(

Sweet T said...

hi Anne--

I know we don't know each other outside the blogosphere, but I'm just reading these three big news posts now and am sending you good thoughts. All three things- move, divorce, separation from pup- is more than many people could handle at once, let alone at the same time. From what little I know, you're an incredibly talented, smart, and strong person and you only deserve the best. Have a safe move and please keep us updated with what you feel comfortable with.


Maria said...

One thing I know about you, An-An is that you are unbelievably strong. Remember this.

I am thinking of you with love.

Hey, Philadelphia is a GREAT place to live. Or at least visit so you can laugh at (with) my kids with me.

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