Delays and Transitions

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In the midst of the chaos that is my life at present, I want to thank everyone that has been so supportive. Family and friends alike have called or messaged me with much needed encouragement. I have been moved to tears. {Good tears, I promise}

I apologize if my previous posts came off as harsh or abrupt. When I stated that we didn't wish to discuss the divorce, I made that statement in the hopes that Rob and I wouldn't be bombarded by gossip mongers and busybodies. It didn't work. Busybodies are still busybodies. Some people can't resist a bit of gossip. I did not mean to shrug off concerned parties. While this situation is upsetting, it is not as terrible as my posts might seem.

The last 2 weeks flew by. I got oodles of quality time with Dottie. {Lots of naps and snuggle time} I've shopped and eaten at a few of my favorite L.A. haunts. However, the going-away shindig never quite made it into my schedule. In fact, socializing in general got left off of my schedule. I had so much paperwork to attend to and a design job that took over my life. {Picture 230 wedding invitations and numerous shipping delays.}

Speaking of delays, I've run into quite a few. The first of which pertain to the divorce. There have been a few small snafus. Nothing major. It's just that whenever this much paperwork is involved things NEVER go according to schedule. The cross-country roadtrip has also been postponed. I ran into some hiccups with the travel arrangements. So, I'm flying back to Virginia for the holidays.

What this means is that I haven't 100% moved. I'm kind of trapped in transition and it feels really odd. I don't feel like I belong in L.A. and I don't quite feel moved into Virginia. I'm in a sort of limbo with no roots.

There are a few bright sides to all of this. I can still have my going away shindig and see a few more people before I go. My trip can be rescheduled for a more convenient time. I also I have time to compile a more comprehensive L.A. Hit List aka places I want to see. {Once I come up with the list, I'll be sure to share.} For now, just call me In-Between Anne ;)

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