Wedding Planning and whatnot

Where have I been? I've been wedding planning. Wedding planning? How is that possible? We're only having a 40 guest wedding, right? Somehow, I got sucked in the black hole that is wedding planning. No matter the woman something about wedding planning fries your brain. Details that you would never have noticed suddenly are the bane of your existence.

At present, I'm tortured because I want linens that are tangerine. That's not tangerine! That's peach! No, that's halloween orange. What regular person has this kind of conversation about linens?! I could go on and on. However, I choose not to dwell on it. I'm doing all that I can to not become a bridezilla.

To add to the madness, I have become addicted to Weddingbee & The Knot. My addiction to the former is less time-consuming than the later. I'm not sure how it happened. I've been on the informational portion of the site since I got engaged last June. 3 months ago I stumbled upon the forums. These forums should have had a disclaimer. Next thing you know, I am on The Knot ALL the time. I have become emotionally invested in other people's weddings! I feel compelled to constantly ask questions and answer other people's. There are some bonuses to the situation. I have found quite a few of my vendors through these boards. The downside is that Rob is starting to feel like he has to compete with The Knot for my attention.

Thank God! I'm only a few weeks away from my wedding . I can't wait! I'm torn between being excited about it being over with and feeling like I want more time. Let's hope it all this planning pays off.

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