Showtunes, anyone?

Despite the fact that my wedding was 3 months ago, I still post on the knot boards. I'm an addict and I'm not sure how to quit. I've met quite a few interesting and wonderful gals.

One of the gals, Ali (AliGoesBridal) mentioned that she was in the Simi Vallery Community Theater production of "Ragtime" and that she wasn't getting too much support from her friends. In typical knottie style, many wanted to support Ali and expressed their interest in attending. So, I organized a GTG (get together). I bombarded the boards with reminders and advertisements. In the end, twelve people decided to attend.

Rob and I trekked out to Simi Valley to see the show. Actually, it wasn't that much of trek. It was 36 miles and Rob loves to drive. This afternoon's show was the closing show. The Simi Valley Cultural Art Center was a cozy, beautifully renovated venue.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the production. The phrase "community theater" conjures up memories of horrible productions with lopsided casts. The was certainly the opposite. There were moments were I forgot that I was watching a community theater production. The performances were solid across the board. The costumes were well-done. It was a long show, but it had my attention the entire time. According to Rob, this caliber of performance is par for the course for Southern California. If that's the case, I guess we'll be seeing more shows.
A group photos with the knotties.

Ali as a Russian immigrant

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