Sugar Addiction

My name is Anne and I am a sugar addict. I always have some delicious and sweet tucked away somewhere. I have candy in my purse, my desk drawer, in the glove box. The list goes on and on. Rob calls me a candy squirrel. If cost had not been prohibitive, I would have done the currently popular Candy Buffet.

Because he is such an enabler sometimes, Rob asked me what my favorites are. It took some thought, but here are some of my favorites.

1. Haribo Gummi Bears
I have love these since Childhood. I only like this brand. Anything else is crap. They are the perfect flavor and texture. Not too chewy, not too soft. When I went on vacation in Europe a couple of years ago, I fell in love with several varieties of Haribo gummis. I was in heaven. As it turns out, Haribo is the originator of the Gummi Bear. Candy Addict blog chronicles its history here.

2. Werther's Original Chewy Caramel
I love caramel. I love it in chocolate, on ice cream, and on pastries. I love these because they are sweet and creamy without being the least bit gritty.

3. Diamond Brand Barquillos
Barquillos is a delicacy introduced by the Filipino province of Iloilo. Ingredients for barquillos are flour, sugar and milk. It is made into thin sheets of crusty flakes shaped in long hollow cylindrical form. Powdered milk is usually stuffed inside the hole to make barquillos tastier. These are so light and crunchy. They are usually sold in metal tins. I used to save the tins to hold mementos and cards.

4. Pocky
Pocky are thin biscuits coated with chocolate or yogurt. They are great with coffee or all by themselves. I'll take any flavor, but my favorite was (surprise!) caramel . Sadly, it's been discontinued. Milk flavor is my new fave.

5. Zotz
I don't have these that often. They are bit strange. They are hard candies with a powder that fizzes in you mouth.

There are more goodies, but I'll post those later. I'm jonesing for some sugar.

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