Xmas for Mr. & Mrs.

Our First Christmas Tree

Left: The 1st Ornament in our collection
Right: An ornament for Dottie

I am a sap. I've always loved Christmas. I guess this could have been surmised by my pre-holiday posts. For the last couple of years, Rob & I have skipped a tree. Thankfully this year, we decided to do one since it's our first Christmas as a married couple. It's corny I know.

Our home is shoebox-sized. Because of the space constraints, we decided to get a mini-tree. Rob’s only request is that we get a fresh tree. I wanted to cheat and buy a plastic one that already had lights from Target. In the spirit of marital compromise, I agreed to get a fresh one so long as it was affordable.
We trudged off to a local Christmas tree lot to look at trees. It was funny to go to a lot for a small tree. Among the regular-sized trees, there were the mini trees. I actually felt tall standing beside them. Sadly, the mini trees did not have mini prices to match. $30 for a 3 ft. tree! Were they out of their minds?!

Luckily, my clever hubby overhead them complaining about how hungry they were. So, he offered them a solution. We buy two Double-Double combos from In-n-Out and they give us a tree. They hungrily accepted.

In the end, our Christmas tree end up costing us two of these...

the monetary equivalent of $10.37. That, my friends, is how Mr. & Mrs. R got a Christmas Tree

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MissMissy said...

I love that! I cherish all my ornaments - I'm happy you have started a collection too.

Ivy said...

your hubby - genius! haha. cute story

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