Another girl and her dog

As I previously mentioned, I am refreshing my photography know-how. Two of my most recent subjects are Ali and her dog Princeton. Ali and her husband Bryan adopted Princeton last June. Recently, Ali remarked that it was difficult for her get a photos of Princeton where he didn't have the dog equivalent of red-eye. I eagerly volunteered to take some photos of Princeton.

I met Ali at her parents' home in Westlake Village. After a week of rain, we were fortunate to have picked a sunny day for our shoot. Here are some of my favorites.

I would have been remiss had I not taken photos of Ali with Princeton.

For Bryan, his 3 loves - Ali, Princeton, & Baseball

Ali & Princeton share a smooch

Hide and Seek

I have to make a small confession at this point. I am a dog-lover. However, I am not a fan of small dogs. I associate small dogs with people who do not train their dogs and let them run rampant. I also think of them as frou frou creatures that are spoiled and devoid of personality. {Take a moment and gasp.} Recovered yet? Between Silas and Princeton, I may have to amend my thinking. I'll be limiting my disdain to bad owners of small dogs;)

Princeton is a wonderful dog. He is very smart, spunky, and very energetic. Ali and Bryan should seriously consider having him model professionally. He was very easy to work with and really emoted for the camera.

Here is Princeton is action

Princeton channeling his shelter experience









Thanks to Ali & Princeton for being my guinea pigs. I hope they had as much fun as I did.

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AliGoesBlogWild said...

Loved this! We had so much fun with you and I'm sharing these adorable photos with everyone we know. Princeton thinks you're super cool and said he'd model for you anytime (plus, you bring the good treats with you!).

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