VB & NYC Trip - Rest of the trip Round-up

Early Monday morning, we drove back to Virginia Beach. The drive was relatively smooth and quick. I swear the 6 hours flew by, which could seemingly be a metaphor for the rest of my trip. The rest of my trip seem to fly by.

Monday night, I went out with my brother Nate and his friends to 757 restaurant and bar. It was his friend Brandon's birthday. We watched the game, while I tried not to fall asleep from exhaustion...

Jeremy about to demolish the entire plate. My brother Nate looks on.

The free sushi.. Nothing to write home about, but how can I complain about free?

Patron shots for the Birthday Boy!
Brandon aka Birthday Boy, Nate, and Jeremy

I took Auntie Lilly shopping. Because we were in such a frenzied state, I have no photos. Shopping with her is almost as good as shopping with my mom. Auntie Lilly came away with a ton of deals. I am curious as to how she will get all of those things back to the Philippines. I thankfully restrained myself. I bought some earrings and a gift for my cousin's daughter. That's it. For those that know me, that's shocking.

Later that evening, I met up with Aja whom I haven't seen since I moved to L.A. She was the last person I photographed in studio. Back then, she was a feisty lingerie salesperson at Nordstrom. Now, she's equally feisty, but now she's a big boss at Auto Trader publications. {Cue Ne-yo's "Miss Independent"} Add she bought her first home and her first puppy and she's really doing well for herself. I went over to meet her puppy Silas who is 3 months old and check out her new house. Silas is a Yorkshire Terrier. I am the first to admit that I am not usually a fan of small dogs. Silas makes the Exception List along with my friend Ali's dog, Princeton. Here are some shots of Aja and Silas.

Silas sports the new sweater I bought him

Aja and her little man

AJaSilas7 copy
Silas admires his reflection. He can rock a sweater like no other.


I met with some old college friends, Neleh and Shane, for lunch. I met them at their house before we headed off to lunch. Being the animal lover that I am, I popped off a few shots of their dogs and new kitten.


Mao-Mao...Government Name: Sadie


I am a horrible friend because I neglected to take photos of the people that own the house! We did have mouth-watering feast at Surf Rider. I love Southern-fried Seafood deliciousness. The food was so good that all conversation ceased once the food arrived. Up until then, we were catching up and talking shop about photography.


I finished up the evening by watching trying to watch Wall-E with my nephews. I kept getting called to help my mom pick a new computer. From what I saw of the movie, it looked cute.

As you can see, the rest of my trip was much more low-key than the first half. I enjoyed the slower pace of my hometown and reveled in the cold weather. It was cold, but not too cold. I actually got to wear a coat and boats! Laugh all you want, but I hadn't worn either articles of clothing in nearly 2 years. It was the perfect trip.

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Pamela said...

Between the food and the furry friends I am envious!

I'm glad you got to talk shop with your homies! Did they convince you to do photography full time? I hope so!

AliGoesBlogWild said...

Right on about the Princeton shout out. Silas is a-dorable! P and the little Yorkie should be coast-to-coast paw-pals.

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