A quiet day

Memorial Day Weekend - Day 5
Monday morning we all got up really early to drop my mom off at the airport in Eugene. It gave my mom and Auntie Lilly a little more time to chitchat and spend time together. Once we got back, we all were comatose until mid-afternoon. The only thing that revived Auntie Lilly, Khurram and I was the prospect of Khurram's and Mel's friends Dave and Idalee arriving for dinner. Dave and Idalee had graciously offered to bring dinner to us.

While Dave and Idalee finished preparing dinner, Aalia cuddled with Auntie Lilly.
It didn't take long. Aalia and her godbrother Dashell {Dave and Idalee's son} were fast asleep.



While the babies slept, the adults had an amazing dinner. The food was so good that I neglected to take photos of the dinner guests. Needless to say, the food didn't last long and we were all very happy.

Panko-breaded Tuna Rolls

I had a wonderful time with Auntie Lilly, Khurram and Aalia, but I didn't want to overstay my welcome. So after dinner, I said my "goodbyes" and headed back to Portland. I had reserved a room just outside the city and wanted to do some exploring before I headed back to L.A... more on that.

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sleeping babies are the cutest! and that food looks delish!

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