If we had stuck to our plans, Rob & I would be getting married today. I am relieved that we decided to re-think how, when and where we were going to get married. We weren't quite as ready as we thought and the wedding plans had gotten out of hand and were not so true to who we are as a couple.

I hate to admit, but I got swept up in a form of bridezilla behavior. What started out as something small and intimate quickly became a runaway freight train. I don't know exactly what happened... except to say it became a blur of wedding books, bridal magazines, wedding websites and e-mails between friends. I was addicted to all things wedding. The best part is it all got exponentially expensive and I was starting to have a nervous breakdown. The logistics of planning an out-of-town wedding is not for the faint of heart.

Here is our original venue
Norfolk Pagoda Garden & Teahouse

My dress was supposed to be a custom-made copy of a Carolina Herrera...(more about that later) & my shoes were by Stuart Weitzman
My bouquet was going to be in this color family with these type of flowers.Cicely's Maid-of-Honor Dress - It was a Vera Wang, which was going to be tied with a Tangerine Sash
Cathee's & Alexis' Bridesmaid Dress - Dress was going to be Tangerine with a Red SashBella's Junior Bridesmaid Dress - It was going to start out a light shade of orange, tangerine, & red
Rob & the Groomsmen were going to wear this suit.
The Reception Menu
Guests were going to have their choice of:
Lamb Tagine
Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes
Chicken Marsala
The Cake was going to look something like this only the flowers were going to be shades of Red & Orange. To be funny, we were going to top the cake with and "interracial" Bride & Groom Cake topper

The Party Favors - Rechuitti Chocolate - Force Noir FlavorThey were going to be placed in side these mini-bamboo steamer boxes.

So, I'm back to the drawing board with everything.... My custom-made dress did not turn out so nice... I swear they must have sized it for a completely different woman! The bridesmaid dresses were a disaster...The Jr. Bridesmaid dress look like a box of highlighters exploded. (That's what I get for ordering them on ebay all the way from China!)... Half of the groomsmen didn't even get fitted.... My officiant in Virginia was difficult to get a hold of.... The guest list was growing by the minute!... My dad was threatening to boycott the wedding unless we had a Catholic Ceremony.... We were completely low on cash because Rob was temporarily unemployed. It's a relief that we decided to postpone and try to figure out something much simpler and easier to plan.... More info about that as we solidify our plans....

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