Happy Pink Envelopes

A dozen pink envelopes are in the mail. I'm not a girly girl, but I thought that pink was appropriate. I will debut their contents in a couple of days. I matched the stamp to the envelope again:) I really loved making these. Although, I was reminded of a few things:
1. My handwriting sucks BIG time.
To recipients of these envelopes: If you cannot read what I wrote, call me and I will gladly help you decipher their messages.
2. I can no longer write coherent messages without typing them out.
I've been spoiled and ruined by word processing on a computer. I find that when I have to write with simply a pen in hand I cannot compile my thoughts. Again for the recipients of these envelopes, you should know by now I am not as awkward as my notes may seem. Just know I was in a sappy mood and it probably transferred to what I wrote.

I shall not say anymore. STAY TUNED for their contents.

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