My headset hates me

When the new hands-free headset law went into effect on July 1, I hurriedly ran off to buy my headset. I went for cuteness factor and bought a green iLuv316 (pictured above). Being a gadget girl, I usually research these kind of purchases to death. This time, I skimped and didn't research. I wish I had. While it is cute, I don't love my iLuv so much. Sometimes, it sounds like I'm talking into a tin can. Other times, I can barely hear the person I'm talking to. My conversations now consist primarily of me saying "What?! I just missed that" or "Beg your pardon. Can you repeat that?". It's aggravating. What I'm trying to figure out is if most Bluetooth headsets sound like crap or does mine suck because it's cheap and cute. One would think I would have tried the ole' bluetooth by now. Sadly, I was one of those jerks that happily chatted away with my phone to my face while driving.

To those I've called while using my horrible headset, I apologize. If anyone needs me, I'll be at Target buying one of those "old-fashioned" corded headset.

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csunsweetie said...

I bought a samsung one. The woman at the store was really helpful. She said the kind with the little bud you put in your ear has the best overall sound, as no air is going between your ear and the piece to cause a windtunnel sound.

But she said if you can't stand to have things in your ear (like her) then the best bet is the bluetooth wrap around kind. I like mine, i just hate that I have to remember to turn it on. I usually forget, the phone rings, I answer on speaker, tell them to wait, find the lil booger, turn it on, put it in my ear THEN talk.

I too have a corded one just in case.

KZ said...

Well at least you have an excuse. I just have bad hearing!

I have one of those old, non-wireless earbuds and love it. It was $14 at Target and I've had it for years and it's great.

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