Landscaping our Pied a Terre

Now that I'm a Work-at-Home Wife (WAHW), I made a not-so-startling revelation. Our teeny tiny rental needs a serious home makeover. Because I spent my whole life commuting for my previous job, I didn't really notice that our place started to look like a cross between a college dorm and a refugee camp for artists seeking asylum. I only came home to sleep, eat, and spend time with Rob and Dottie. All of which were done hastily and without much interest in my surroundings.

As adults, Rob and I know that we should seriously consider buying our own home. However as a married couple where both parties work in creative industries, home buying in the Southern California real estate market is out of the question. Our rent is quite affordable. So, we are staying put and making the best of the situation. This means we'll be redecorating our digs.

For the purposes of this blog, I shall refer to my home as a pied-à-terre. By definition, pied-à-terre means a temporary or second lodging which is typically in the city. This fits us perfectly... at least the temporary part. Pied-à-terre is French, literally "foot to the ground." This also fits because our humble abode is pratically 1 square foot on the ground.

I was inspired by my friends Natalie and Jordana to do a little urban landscaping. It also helps that I was raised by a greenthumb Grandma. I purchased a few plants from Target's Garden Center, Osh, and Kabota Growers at the L.A. Flower Mart. I perused Ikea's Summer Sale and bought really cute flower pots and flower pot holders for dirt cheap. Our porch garden is a mix of cooking herbs and flowers.

Rob putting holes in the bottom of my flower pots for drainage

The Flower Line-up
Hibiscus, Sambac Jasmine & Dahlias

More Budding Flowers and Herbs

Sambac Jasmine also known as Sampaguita in the Philippines
It is so beautifully fragrant.


...and more dahlias

Oregano for Rob's culinary delights

Sage for culinary goodness

Mint for my mojitos.
Not that I've made any mojitos in a while, but maybe now that I have my own mint.
I'll start mixing some up.

It looks very much like the Magnolia that grows in my hometown

Best part of this project? It only cost us $100 for everything. More redecorating adventures to come.

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Carmela said...

you've inspired me Anne. I have to get out of my gardening slump and really take care of my plants...or what left of them. poor things. i'm going to garden this weekend, and sadly i have weeds taller than me.

MissJordyPants said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! What a fantastic little garden for culinary and aesthetic pleasing! The Dahlias are fantastic. And you should definitely rock some mojitos. I bought mint for that purpose... but then I killed it. F to me.

nspeis said...

it's so pretty! yay! i love the herb garden. i have to find a place to plant herbs that tico and pichu won't destroy.

: : Aileen : : said...

Nice, Anne! Maybe you and Scottie can get together and talk garden shop. He's in love with his flowers and roses that I can't pull him away from visiting Armstrong's almost every weekend.

Janice said...

Yay! good job with the flowers! We just planted new flowers in our front garden last weekend and I re-flowered the planters that I killed off the other month let's keep our fingers crossed for the new flowers).
I want those Dahlias!

Glo said...

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