21 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by my friend Melody on facebook, but I thought that it be more fun to post this tag here:

1. My full name is Marianne. Those that grew up with me or have known me for a long time already know this. What most people don't know is that is supposed to be pronounced (mah-ree-AHN), which is the French pronunciation. French names were popular in the Philippines around the time I was born. I grew up in Virginia where people pronounced it (mair-ree-AN). It used to grate on my nerves. I reinvented myself at Art College and had everyone call me Anne.

2. I was born on a Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Because I was born on U.S. soil, I am a U.S. citizen. For the first two years of my life, I bounced back and forth between Japan and the Philippines, where my grandma lived.

3. I started college as a pre-physical therapy/pre-med student. I was so convinced that I was going to work in the medical field that I took a human anatomy course at the local medical school...while I was still in high school. At 17, I got to cut on human cadavers.

4. I've been obsessed with taking pictures since I was 9. My first camera was a kodak 110 camera. My second camera was a Polaroid SX-70. I have a collection of 30 cameras old and new. I am rarely ever without a camera.

5. I took hula lessons when I was in junior high. Not ballet, not jazz dancing. HULA. I had the grass skirt and coconut bra, but the body of an 8 year old. It was humiliating. I'm not sure why my parents thought that would be a good idea, but at least now I can move my hips.

6. I had my first dog when I was 4. I had a Chihuahua named Tina. Tina and I did everything together. Tina died from a heart murmur when I was 6. My mom said I wouldn't eat or sleep for two weeks. We weren't allowed to get a dog again after that. I didn't have another dog in my life until my BFF moved into my apartment with her dog Willie.
7. I still collect Kawaii. Sanrio. San-X. Tokidoki. If it's some sort of cute Japanese character, I like it. I have curbed this obsession by only collecting a select few items. More often than not, I'll buy a t-shirt.

8. In college, I applied to be a paid intern at a design firm in Bilbao, Spain. I was accepted, but thought that I couldn't afford to go. I declined the offer. Years later, I found out I could have gotten a student loan to cover my expenses. It broke my heart.

9. I love to drive and would love to learn how to race. If I could afford it, I was fix up an old Datsun 510 and race in amateur touring car racing leagues.

10. I hate the taste of Rosemary. I feel like I'm eating grass. Rob tries to sneak it into food. He thinks I won't notice, but I'm like the Princess and the Pea. If there is the slightest amount in my food, I'll find it and I won't eat it.

11. If I hadn't moved to L.A., I would have moved to Atlanta. Atlanta was my first choice until my BFF told me she was moving to NC instead. I was terrified of moving to a place where I didn't know anyone. So, I moved to Southern California where my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins live.

12. I'm convinced I'll spend the rest of my life living in or around a major city. Suburban neighborhoods like the ones in Southern Orange County freak me out a bit. Row after row of identical houses make me feel like I'm trapped in a real life version of Sim City.

13. 13 is my lucky number. It's considered unlucky for some, but it's always been lucky for me.

14. I am not a fan of the color Pink. I won't say hate because that's a bit too harsh. When I was a kid, my mom used to dress my sister and me in matching outfits. The only difference is that my outfits were always pink. Hers were either yellow or red. To this day, I cringe at the thought of having to wear pink. I only wear pink once in a while to appease my mother.

15. I have always loved to read. In Elementary School, my parents used to punish me by taking away my books. In essence, I was grounded from reading.

16. I am allergic to Lobster. I didn't know I was allergic to lobster until just a few years ago. On our 3rd date, Rob treated me to a lobster dinner. As a reward, he got to see me break out into hives and puff up like Will Smith in "Hitch". It was very romantic;)

17. If I were fabulously wealthy, I'd move to Paris to study art history with either the Louvre or the Musee d'Orsay. I think I just want an excuse to live in Paris.

18. I fall asleep in moving vehicles. Car, plane, train, boat. If it moves, I'm asleep. We could barely be on the road for 20 minutes. If I know I'm in for a long ride, I'm asleep. This, of course, does not hold true if I'm driving.

19. I am accident-prone when on vacation. I am the official sacrificial offering to the accident gods. When in Hawaii with my family, I brushed up against some corral and wound up in the emergency room. Again another puffy hives situation. When we were in Jamaica, I took a nasty fall while hiking through some waterfalls. If there's adventure to be had, I'll be there and get hurt while trying it.

20. I took piano lessons for 12 years. For a very short time, I, my parents and my piano teacher entertained the idea of me going to a music conservatory. Reality set in and I realized that I had neither the discipline nor the inclination to study music on a collegiate level. I quit my lessons and haven't played a note since.

21. I would love to visit all 50 states in the United States. I have a long way to go. I seem to gravitate to the coasts. I like the idea of taking a train cross-country.

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