December Recap: Last Minute Gallery-hopping

December 31, 2008

It's our last day in D.C. and the last day of the year. Our flight back to L.A. wasn't until 8:30pm. So, we decided to squeeze in some gallery time. Although, we were treated to big difference from the day before.... a 20 degree and 52 mph wind gusts difference.


As people who live in Los Angeles, we were not as prepared for the cold as we could have been. {In L.A., people think that 50 degrees is cold.} We resorted to piling on layers of clothes. We looked ridiculous, but we were warm. This will also explain why we have limited photos of ourselves.

We had another Whole Foods sponsored brunch and were off to the National Gallery Art. This is my favorite musuem. I grew up going to this museum and during my psuedo-emo, teenage years this was my happy place. {I was obssessed with French Impressionism.}

We started in the West Gallery. It is an extraordinary gallery space. It was designed by John Russell Pope, the architect responsible for the Jefferson memorial. The vaulted ceilings and large gallery spaces really draw you into the art and allow you to get lost for hours.

We admired some sculpture.
photo by Rob

Dancer and Gazelles by Paul Manship

The Evil Spirits by Auguste Rodin

We also viewed some manuscripts

Of course, we meandered through my beloved Impressionist gallery
Four Dancers by Edgar Degas

After a fair amount of time in the West Gallery, we headed to the East Gallery. My love of Modernism was born at the East Gallery. The architecture of I.M. Pei is awe-inspiring. For a tour of the East Gallery, click here.

We went through the concourse below ground that connects the two buildings. We stopped to admire the fountain that flows into a glass wall in the concourse.

From there, we hopped onto the moving walkway.


Upon exiting the walkway, we were treated to these views.
Mobile by Alexander Calder - photo by Rob


photo by Rob

photo by Rob

Rob in action

Of course, we also enjoyed the Modern Art.
photo by Rob

{the blur in the foreground is me} photo by Rob

photo by Rob

Before we knew it, we had to head back to our hotel to collect our things.

It was a mad scramble to get to the airport.
{That's me with the gray bag}

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The walkway shots look cool. Aren't you glad to be back in warm weather?

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