New Year's Eve: A Recap

We had heard the above saying many times before. This is why we chose NOT to celebrate the New Year with the usual partying.

Instead, we chose to fly home on New Year's Eve on Virgin America. This is what the interior of the plane actually looks like.

We may not have been at a party, but the music and lighting made us feel as though we were on a flying lounge. It was unlike any other airline we had been on. Our seats in coach class were incredibly comfortable. The onboard entertainment was incredible for a domestic flight. We could play games, watch TV or movie, or create our own music playlists. Another bonus is that they didn't do beverage service like other airlines. There were no annoying carts going up and down the aisle. You just used the touch screen in front of you to order your drink. It was fabulous. You got a first class experience for a coach price. You really can't beat that.

The Dream Ride 2
photo by Flickr user satosphere

We jokingly had said that by flying we could celebrate the New Year each time we crossed over a different time zone. Because we had an exhaustive day museum-hopping, we passed out as soon as we had our seat belts buckled. We really aren't as exciting as we try to portray. I will say we did acknowledge New Year's in each time zone by a quick kiss and rolling back to sleep. I'm not complaining. I consider napping a type of celebration.

In theory, we were to arrive in L.A. well before Midnight. Our departure had been delayed. This meant that we spent Pacific Time Zone New Year's in the baggage concourse of LAX. Didn't I tell you? We're not nearly as fun as one might think.

That, my friends, is how we spent our New Year's. Let's just hope this means that we will have lots of travel in the coming year. {I wouldn't mind more travel on Virgin America.;)} My passport is sad and lonely. It needs some stamps in it.

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