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Friday, July 24, 2009

Rob and I were invited by a friend to attend what she called an outdoor Mariachi Show in Long Beach.

Turns out it, it was a CD release party at the Museum of Latin American Art.
Unfortunately, I was a tad under-dressed. I really hate when that happens. I had on a maxi dress with high-heeled sandals. The other women in attendance? Cocktail dresses. Our companion? Chic black outfit. To make matters worse, they were only serving beer and cheap liquor. It was bad times. The only positive, it was a gorgeous night at a beautiful venue.
We only saw the first 10 minutes of the performance. The mariachi performer's new CD was his "breakout" CD of Spanish love ballads. Our companion was not pleased. So, we exited almost as quickly as we appeared. I wasn't complaining.
While waiting for the valet to bring us our car, Rob decided to strike a pose with one of the statues.
It was still early (9PM). So, I suggested we continue with the mariachi theme. Both Rob and our companion have raved about La Fonda Restaurant, but I have never been there. So, we headed to MacArthur Park.

{photo from La Fonda website}
2501 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Phone: 213.380.5053

While en route, our companion made a reservation and inadvertently spoke to the Executive Chef. She flirted and sweet-talked our way into a great table close to the action.

I immediately ordered a margarita. Not so surprisingly, the night took a turn for the better.
{Please excuse the bad iPhone photo}

Because of our companion, we received stellar service.

I had the Chef Special - A White Fish Dish served with Shrimp. It was superb.

Rob had a Mignon en la Huitlacoche-
We ordered my favorite, flan, for dessert.

The performances were awesome. My Spanish is limited, but I understood enough to have a good time. Here's a preview of the show.

Mariachi Encore at La Fonda Restaurant from Anne K. on Vimeo.

What started off as a bad time turned into a good time. If you want to see a good mariachi performance in L.A., head to La Fonda.

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Lindsey said...

I'm glad your evening turned around. So funny, when we lived downtown I used to drive by La Fonda almost every day and I wondered what it was like. Looks good and a very healthy margarita! Might have to try it sometime.

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