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July 11, 2009 - Renegade Craft Fair

I am a voracious reader of craft, art and design blogs. For the last couple of weeks, blogs have been abuzz talking about the Renegade Craft Fairs. For the last couple of years, they have been hosting shows in Brooklyn, Chicago, and San Francisco. They were having their first show in L.A. I was ecstatic. It is very similar to Unique L.A., but is a little more established. They have a greater variety of vendors.



I sent an email to the other craft afficionadas inviting them to join me. Of my arty friends, Pamela decided to meet me there and bring her friend Katy. It was the first day of the show. From what we could tell, the show seemed to have a great turnout.


There were A LOT of screenprint and t-shirt vendors. These guys, Campfire Goods, were one of my favorites.
Campfire Goods

They have several t-shirts that allow people to rep where they're from. I was this.close to buying a shirt that said "East Coaster" and another that said "Southerner".
Photo by Pamela

I purchased this shirt from them. I love geeky Mac Humor.

Mary Ink

There were many plush vendors as well. Some of my favorites from Unique L.A , {I Heart Guts, Sweet Meats, and Hi-tree} were there. I also enjoyed this company, Fuzzy Ink. They have stuffed mustaches! So kitschy, yet so cute.
Fuzzy Ink


Photo by Pamela

These dolls were so cute, but all the little girls that I know are either too young or too old to appreciate them.
Lil Sprinkles on Etsy

There were also lots of jewelry vendors. I loved many of the lucite necklaces and hair barrettes. I meant to go back and purchase some barrettes, but completely forgot:(
Cara Lyndon - Vintage Jewelry and Hairpins

Adjowah Brodie of The Weekend Store

Aside from jewelry made from vintage typewriter keys, The Weekend Store had jewelry made from deconstructed watches.

Jane E. Roberti explains how she creates her jewelry
One of Jane's necklaces on Etsy

There were also a lot of great illustrators and poster artists. Berkeley Illustration had a great niche in that all of their characters had a story that was included with their print.
Berkeley Illustration

Print available on Etsy

For those that wanted to make their own goods, there were several vendors like Super Buzzy that sold fabric and kits to make your own quilts and stuffed animals.

I bought a kit similar to this one for my niece Bella.Super Buzzy

We stumbled upon these great iPod cases. They are cute and have a holder for your headphones. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?!
iPhone Case from Mr. Poncho - Best purchase I made at the show

They had a photobooth, which we could not resist.
It was a good show. I love these kind of events because they offer many of the items at a discounted rate and you get to meet the masterminds behind some of your favorite designs and products. I had a great time.. although I wished I had brought more money.

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Mrs. Masters said...

That was a great show. I'm obsessed with my new mustaches, vintage watch motor necklace and my case from Mr. Poncho! Such great finds! I'm already saving up for my next Renegade Craft Fair experience =)

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