Kids wear me out - Part 1

These are my nephews Franky & Ethan. Franky is 10 and Ethan is 4. They and their mother Cathee (my younger sister) came out here for a visit. Rob & I loved having them here. The boys are hilarious and are quite the little characters. It was such an action-packed mini-vacation that it's taken me a whole week to recover. I kid you not. (Pun intended). They had what my sister and I call a "Mamma Lynda Vacation". When we were kids, my mother would plan our family vacations with as much activity as possible. When we were done with the vacation, we'd need a vacation from our vacation. In the four days they were here, we took them snowboarding at Mountain High, sightseeing in Chinatown L.A., hanging out at Legoland, and dinner in Koreatown.

Here is a recap:
Day 1 Snowboarding at Mountain High - Wrightwood, CA
As always, work kept me from enjoying the snow. So, Rob took my sister and the kids up to the resort. This was Ethan's 1st time snowboarding. According to Cathee, Ethan was crying hysterically because he was afraid to snowboard. She said he cried all the way until the beginning of his lesson. Once he started, he LOVED it and there was no stopping him. This was Franky's 2nd time snowboarding. This put him in a more advanced class than his little brother. It was great for Franky, but sucked for taking pictures of him in action. I got a reprieve from all the excitement and met them for dinner afterwards at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. Yummy!
All day 1 pics and video were taken by Cathee
View of the Mountain
Franky strapped into his board and waiting for his lesson to start.
Ethan on the "magic carpet" lift for kids
Franky, Cathee, and Ethan

Video of Ethan Snowboarding.

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