The Adventures of Others

I had an uneventful weekend, which is much appreciated. I did nothing of interest except nurse a migraine and work on some design projects. The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic. I have a trip to back East, a couple of design projects brewing, a wedding to attend, and Thanksgiving. I am going to be completely exhausted by the time New Year's rolls around.

While I worked, Rob, Kevin, Lu, and the dogs undertook a 10 mile hike from Mt. Markham in the Angeles National Forest. Here are some pics .

Kevin, Lu, Rob, Piper and Dottie at the beginning of their hike

Dottie & Piper  - Mt. Markham
Dottie and Piper are ready to go

Dottie finds some shade
Dottie finds some shade with Rob's hat - photo by Rob

Piper's excited
Piper is pumped

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