VB & NYC Trip - Day 1 - In Transit

I spent most of today in transit. This is my least favorite about cross-country travel. One leg of the trip was from L.A. to Chicago. That flight lasted 4 hours with a fair amount of turbulence. Thankfully, I sleep like a baby on anything that moves. So, I was able to cope. I think I was even drooling and snoring at one point. My apologies from the cool man from Bakersfield that was sitting beside me. I had a short layover in Chicago, which allowed me to buy a mini Chicago style pizza.
{Insert Photo of Pizza here}
Who knew O'hare offered decent food? Aside from more turbulence, my flight to VA was without incident. I slept so soundly again that I missed the beverage service.

I should have known my luck would run out. When I arrived in VA, I discovered my luggage didn't not leave Chicago. Ugh. Supposedly, they will put it on the first flight out from Chicago and will deliver it to my parents' house. I actually paid to bring this bag and they lose it. WTF? I hope this doesn't ruin our schedule for NYC. We're supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon. If my bag doesn't show up in a timely manner, the angry Asian inside of me is going to show up and yell at United. Meanwhile, if anyone sees a bag resembling the one shown below, please send it my way. For an added dimension of wackiness, my brother took me directly from the airport to Best Buy.

Why? He wanted me to stand in line with him for a World of Warcraft expansion pack. It was being released and sold at midnight. My bro is one of those nerds. He'd kill me for calling him that. He goes through his obsessive gamer phases. He doesn't look the part or act super geeky all the time. After all, there's only so much I can take. I also have my nerdy tendencies, but the fools standing in line behind us take the cake. I haven't seen so many nerds in one place since I worked computer tech support. All I have to say is some of these folks need to invest in some soap and deodorant. I know gaming takes over people's lives and whatnot, but darn... basic personal hygiene should not take a back seat.
I froze my butt off for an hour and half. My bro owes me BIG TIME. He got his game. I'm officially exhausted. Little does my bro know that I'm going to hit him up for a favor tomorrow... Muhahahhahaha.

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: : Aileen : : said...

I can't believe they misplaced your luggage! Ugh... especially since you paid their dumb fee. Maybe you can argue to get your money back. Hope the rest of your trip East is great! We do miss NY! Post pics.

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