A Historical Day

When I arrived at my polling place, I was immediately greeted by this image.


I entered here.

I waited 5 minutes and voted here.

...and was one of the millions that voted for this result.

I would love to wax poetic on the election results, but I can't. I'm just taking it all in. In L.A. County, we had 82% voter turnout. Angelenos really wanted to be heard. I watched Barack Obama's speech and was moved. Let's pray that it's not just words and that this really is the beginning of positive change.

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Miss Sapphira said...

haha! you and I have similar posts. =) ok back to bad. i got to recouperate.

Neleh said...

5 minutes! lucky. i waited 2 hours with a really annoying guy behind me complaining about how he still needed to take a shower and get dressed for work every 10 minutes. it was worth the wait. i think my favorite part was when i got to the check-in point and they had to repeat my name to confirm it... the look on the lady's face was priceless.

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