Q and Stephanie's Wedding

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It shocks me sometimes how men can maintain friendships from childhood. I can barely remember the names of the girls I rode bikes and played Barbies with, let alone tell you where they are now. Rob, however, is like most men. He not only keeps up with his elementary school friends but, grabs a beer with them from time to time. One of these friends is Quincy (Q for short). Rob and Q have a long history that involves a shared love of various sports such as BMX riding and paintball. Q and his sweetheart Stephanie got engaged last year after 12 years of dating. Coincidentally, I "met" Stephanie on .... you guessed it... the L.A. Knot board. To make a small world even smaller, I went to high school and was close friends with Stephanie's cousin Lani. Needless to say, we were excited to be invited and were looking forward to Q and Stephanie's wedding.
photo by GT

photo by GT

photo by GT

Q and Stephanie were married at St. Dominic Catholic Church in Eagle Rock. Their reception was held at the Pasadena Hilton. Of course as a knottie, Stephanie had planned and executed many personal details. It was fun to see her ideas come to fruition. What I really enjoyed was meeting so many of Rob's high school friends. The stories that were told were hilarious. The one thing that rings true is that Rob is still as hyper and high energy now as he was back then. We also ran into two of my favorite wedding vendor friends, Stephanie and Jill of Style and Grace Events. They were Q and Stephanie's wedding coordinators. We cut out of the reception a tad early due to my jet lag and cold. I wish we had stayed longer. From all accounts and the photos I've seen, the rest of the reception was a raucous time.

To Q and Stephanie, congratulations!

Here are some of my pics. I forgot to load a card into my camera. So, I only have iPhone pics for the ceremony.

Rob models our escort cards yet again

Rob and Lu
Lu had groomsman duties yet again. He's getting to be a pro at it.

Lu and I

Here's a slideshow.

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