Bring the Thunder - Vegas Part 2

Recap -Thursday - May 22nd

Some little girls dream about their big white wedding. Little Wendy dreamed about her raucous Bachelorette Party in Vegas. Part of her dream was fulfilled by her Maid of Honor Janice who sent over "exotic dancers". She also wanted a day to hang out with her friends. We spent a majority of the day recovering from the previous night's drinking and luxuriating by the pool.

The dancers that Janice sent were an appetizer to the main course. The other part of Wendy's dream was to see Thunder from Down Under. She was so determined to go that she paid for everyone's tickets to ensure we all went. For years, I had made fun of the show and refused to watch. I stand corrected. It wasn't as cheesy as I expected and all the guys were incredibly hot. The best part is that Wendy got called up onto the stage for part of the performance. It was hilarious and quite memorable. Any time the phrase "Put your hands on my bum" can be used in a performance, it's worth the price of admission. Needless to say, we had a good time. Sorry kids, I have no photos from the show. No photography allowed:(

On the way to dinner before the show. (L-R)
Me, Juliana, Wendy, Mike, Jordana, Mike, & Jason

Our Happy Bachelorette before the show

In case you didn't already know, we are on our way to "Thunder From Down Under"

Wendy with some of Lior's relatives and family that were visiting from Israel

Party Masks(?!) courtesy of Lior's Sister-In-Law

More Party Mask Madness

Jason and Mike want to know what the big deal is with tiaras.

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