Design Project Recap

I'm going to try to blog in order. So bear with me.

This is Aileen & Jo.

Their wedding was this past Saturday. Many moons ag0, Aileen and I carpooled to our first knot GTG together. We even had the same wedding coordinator. After the disaster I had with said coordinator, she hired someone far more capable.

A few weeks ago, Aileen contacted me to create menus and programs. Like Ali and Bryan, Aileen and Jo had existing wedding stationery that I had to match. Here is what their existing stationery looked like.

Here is what I created to match. Each program was designed and hand assembled. It got a bit hectic and I enlisted Rob to help with the assembly process. Who knew my hubby was so handy with a hole puncher?

*photo has been altered for client privacy

Page 1
*photo has been altered for client privacy

Page 2

Page 3
*photo has been altered for client privacy

I believe Aileen and Jo were pleased with the finish products. I can't wait to see their pro pics.

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J said...

I added your blog to my Favorites list so now I don't have to search for it all the time!

BTW - the menus were gorgeous. :)

Sapphira said...

Anne! Loved the menus you created.

justchicevents said...

Gorgeous as usual!! I love how well you match existing stuff!

Aileen said...

Fabulous job Anne. We, and all our guests, loved how everything turned out. Thanks again!

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