Texas Tomfoolery

Texas Tomfoolery

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Cicely has been my closest friend and confidante since we were both starving waitresses working our way through college. For a time, we were roommates. Although we haven't lived in the same timezone in over 6 years, we still talk everyday. When we get together, it's a nonstop gabfest and tomfoolery with photographic evidence. This weekend was no exception. Even though we are married women in our 30s, we still behave like giggly teenagers. I guess you could say we keep each other young... and sane. Here is some photographic evidence of our ridiculousness.

We bought matching converse

Cicely taking a photo of me

Me taking a photo of Cicely

Supposedly, she would have bought this hat if it hadn't been $200

Cicely showing her disdain for the quality of Forever 21 accessories

Me & my new friend - Pelican in front of Pappadeux's restaurant in Kemah

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Ivy said...

It's always great to have a best friend in another city so you can go visit. Even if that city is dirty, smoggy, stinky Houston! (Dallas/Houston rivalry).

Oh how I miss Pappadeux's. The
2.99/L crawfish..crawfish etoufee..seafood fondue...You have to find us a place similar here!

Glad you had a great trip!

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