Embarrasing Five

I was tagged by Lizy.... over a week ago. I was unbelievably busy and just now got a chance to think about this. Lizy, I didn't forget about you. I just had to really think about this list. I think some of my explanations are more embarrassing than the songs themselves.

The rules of my most recent tag!
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2. Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others you like and tell why.
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1. Suddenly - Olivia Newton John from the Xanadu Motion Picture Soundtrack

Extra bonus points for anyone who has actually heard of this song. I saw this movie when I was 6. I loved it. I was obsessed with becoming a professional roller skater. Ah... The delusions of childhood. This was one of the first albums my parents ever bought me.

2. Freedom - George Michael
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I was in love with George Michael from his Wham! days. Then, he announced he was gay. It killed the crush, but not the love of his music. This song came out when I was 15. The video featured every 90s Supermodel. My best friend Mia and I used to "model" our clothes to this song. Corny, but true. To this day, when I hear this song I feel the urge to put on a "Anne Fashion Show". Ask Cicely or Rob what an "Anne Fashion Show" is.

3. Come and Talk to Me - Jodeci

I was in high school and socially awkward. I had a crush on boys and they thought of me as their cute very little sister. I didn't realize then that no boobies = no dates. This did not stop me from daydreaming about the prom. I had decided that my first REAL slow dance would be to this song. I eventually slow danced to this song and it was terrible. My date was stiff and his friend came leaning over and singing the song in our ears. Despite the painfully awkward circumstance, I still like this song.

4. One Minute Man - Missy Elliot Ft. Ludacris, Trina

Many years ago while I still lived in VA, I was involved with a guy who I shall call the Animator. Our involvement moved quickly and with great intensity. We IM'ed and called one another all day everyday. We played a very calculated cat and mouse game where neither of us would fully admit our attraction to the other. We were supposedly just friends. This went on for months. We decided to go on a roadtrip. The Animator and I spent several days together camping with little to no physical contact. Then finally, we broke the ice. I was grossly disappointed. Let's just say our fun was "short-lived".

To make matters worse, I was Scorpio'ed (a term I created just for him.) He went from calling me every day to not taking my calls. All in the span of a day. He went so far as changing his IM username and phone number. I was heartbroken. As consolation, Cicely took me for a girls' night out. This song came on. In my drunken stupor, I dedicated the song to the Animator. After that, it became a running joke between the two of us and our theme song for that summer. When I hear this song, I can't help but giggle.

5. These Words (I Love You, I Love You) - Natasha Bedingfield
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I had bought Rob an ipod shuffle as a gift. Because he was unfamiliar with itunes, he asked me to fill his ipod with some of his favorite songs. I thought, "Here's my chance!". I placed this song on his ipod multiple times. I thought he'd find it cute whenever the song would pop up on shuffle play. According to Rob, the song came up 10 times a day while I was gone. I find this a bit hard to believe since Rob has a tendency for gross exaggeration. Either way, the sound of Natasha Bedingfield's voice makes him cringe. I still find the bubblegum lyrics cute and sickly sweet. Plus, it's a reminder of the early days of our relationship.

I have no idea who to tag. If anyone wants to play, please leave me a comment to let me know you've played.

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Anonymous said...

Anne! Yay for finally posting your songs... But I gotta tell you, I do love the Jodeci song "Come and Talk to Me" =)

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