We are THOSE people

It's official. Rob and I are those people. You know the ones, the crazy pet people. As evidenced by some of my posts, we love our dog Dottie. She is spoiled. I admit it. She is fed premium (read:expensive) dog food and has an accessory collection (read: collars and bandannas) that rivals my own. In the winter, Dottie has sweaters. Her most recent acquisition is her very own hiking pack.

It's bad, but I make no apologies. I will take offense to people implying that our love for our dog equates to us wanting children. I can honestly say we are no where near ready to have a "little Anne" or "little Rob" running around.

We decided to do family pictures. Since Dottie is considered family, our photos had to include her. I set about trying to find a photographer that would take photos of us with Dottie. Most said they would love to take pictures of us with our dog. Of course, the their tone changed when I mentioned that Dottie was an American Staffordshire Terrier/Pitbull. I guess they expected us to have the standard L.A. purse-sized canine. I was frustrated. I thought it was either going to cost us a fortune or we were going to have to become master at taking photos with a tripod and timer. Thankfully, I stumbled upon an Apartment Therapy - LA article about Grace Chon of Shine Pet Photos. I emailed her immediately. We conversed through e-mail and scheduled our shoot.

This past Saturday we got up at the crack of dawn to meet Grace in Venice Beach. We decided to go early to avoid the crowds and because Dottie is not a morning doggie. Not a morning doggie equates to her being sleepy and less energetic. The 2 hours we spent with Grace flew by. We had a blast. Dottie, of course, was a rockstar and loved the attention. If she hadn't had another event to attend, we would have invited her to join us for breakfast. We all got along that well.

Here are a few of our favorite pics from her blog.

© Grace Chon / Shine Pet Photos

© Grace Chon / Shine Pet Photos

© Grace Chon / Shine Pet Photos

You can see all the teaser pics on her blog. I love the photos. I really think she captured us and the love we have for Dottie. These are only a few pics, but I have no doubt we will love the rest of them.

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Aileen said...

awwww! those turned out so cute!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

aw! now you KNOW i love these!

saraphin said...

the photos are awesome!! i'd love to do something like that with our doggie, too....

where oh where did you get that hiking backpack for dottie? too cool!!

~ sara aka pinktrojanbride ;)

Anonymous said...

love the pics! our dog is our child too :)

we have the same hiking pack for our dog and he loves it! it just makes his goofy self all that much cuter and it's actually practical - he carried his own treats and my friend's camera on our last hike.

- meghan aka mephilton

nspeis said...

LOVING!!! i wish i had had a pro come take pics when we had the 6 puppies!

Martha said...

I've actually considered hiring an animator to do a brief movie of our dog for our anniversary...and I COVET those packs. Dottie-licious!

signed, one of those people.

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