A wife deserted

A week ago my Rob abandoned me.

I kid. Actually, as a caterer he was presented with an amazing opportunity. He was offered a position as a sous chef for a movie that is filming in Chicago. He got offered the spot on Wednesday and had to fly out on Friday. I arrived from VA just in time to drop off at the airport. We were like ships passing in the night. It's tough work, but I'm proud of him for doing it. He loves it... most of the time. He makes me laugh because by the time the movie wraps up he is on a first name basis with A-list directors and actors. If only, he could translate those connections to $$$.

I miss him, but I do enjoy my alone time. I hate that some people act as though I will wither away and die because Rob is not home. While I miss him while he's gone, our time apart keeps our relationship fresh. He'll be back in a few weeks. I may not wither way, but starvation is a whole other issue. I am a terrible cook. Microwave dinners and sandwiches here I come!

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