I'm a slave

I'm still alive. I have lots to blog about, but I also have a lot of work to finish. As previously noted, I am a design slave for Daniella & Frances.

Here are a sample of what I've been working on.
These envelopes were no small task. I've learned the hard way that black gocco ink is much thicker and more difficult to work with than other ink. It's a mess. I am covered in black gocco ink. I might as well have gotten tattooed.
In between all the client projects, I squeezed in a personal project. Coming soon to some mailboxes near me and not-so-near me.
I just mailed these bad boys. So, I won't blog their contents for another couple of days.
I love these stamps. They're postcard stamps. I ended up overpaying $0.12 per envelope, but I think they are worth it for the aesthetics. I guess I'm just nerdy like that.

I gotta get back to my work. My gocco calls yet again.

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nspeis said...

I WAS SO STOKED to receive the precious contents in these envelopes of creativity. you're such a talent anne. can't wait for the b-day!

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