Dinner with the Girls

"Dinner with the Girls" is a phrase that is new to my phraseology. As I previously stated, I haven't had many girl friends. Now, I am happy to say I have quite a few interesting, intelligent and supportive friends. We've decided to meet once a month for dinner to discuss our husbands/fiances, wedding planning, gossip, and life in general. Every month the group seems to get bigger and I am not complaining. Each person has something to contribute. We haven't exactly decided what to call our monthly dinner. I had started to call them "Non-Knot GTG" because we all met through the knot and are now meeting outside of the knot. Substitute names are being kicked around. I am waiting to see what sticks.

I planned this one. I invited everyone to meet me at Lala's Argentian Grill in Studio City. I was in the mood for skirt steak with chimichurri and some red wine. We got there at 7 and much to the chagrin of our waitress we stayed until closing at 11. A few of us stood in the parking lot and talked until almost midnight.

The funniest part about this is that I was in the doghouse for not calling Rob to let him know I was going to be out that late. He stayed up waiting for me because he was "worried". Sometimes, my husband cracks me up.
The 10 of us.
(From Left to Right) Marisa, Janice, Jordana, Ali, Joe,
Jenny, Keren, me, Wendy & Paola


Marisa & Janice

Jordana waiting for the right shot.

Wendy & Paola

Keren snapping a photo

Me & Wendy

Ali is hosting the next dinner. I can't wait to see where she picks.

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