Have case, Will travel

Guess what's in this case. (No, this is not "Deal or No Deal".)

From not one, but three well-known cupcake sources.

My sister's birthday was on March 30th. I had originally planned to fly out to Virginia for her birthday. Due to conflict with my then work schedule, I had to re-schedule. To make it up to her, I offered to get her cupcakes. Then, my over-achiever mind kicked into overdrive. I got the crazy idea to create a cupcakes sampler for her.

Flying with cupcakes in a cupcake carrier was less complicated than I expected. If anyone wants to try this, be prepared for LOTS of silly comments from strangers. I am not a big fan of so much attention. So to me, it was a bit of an ordeal. I carried that cupcake carrier like it was filled it with state secrets. The only thing I needed was to have it handcuffed to my person. I was THAT hardcore.

I went through all of that to have the cupcakes look like this when I arrived in Virginia.

Thankfully, my sister and my nephews are not interested in aesthetics and the cupcakes still tasted as good as they originally looked.

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