No place like home

I go home to Virginia Beach quite frequently. I plan a visit about once every 3-4 months. I do it for several reasons. The most important of which is to see my family. As independent as I am, I miss bonding with them and spending time with them.

I also go back because I miss home. Long before I was Anne K. in L.A., I was Anne K. in VA. Choosing to go home because I miss the place is a huge leap for me. When I moved 5 years ago, I could not leave Virginia fast enough. Living in Virginia Beach was like squeezing into a sweater that's been washed too many times. It no longer fit and was no longer comfortable. I had a job that was going nowhere and an on again, off again boyfriend that couldn't commit to anything more than dinner.
Flash forward to the present, going home gives me perspective. I enjoy the contrast between Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. Virginia Beach is by no means a small town with one stoplight. It is, however, much smaller than L.A. The differences are more than just size. I adore the Southern sensibilities that are present in Virginia Beach. People are generally more helpful and friendlier than what you would find here in L.A. The cost of living is so much less. Premium gas was a whopping $3.05 a gallon. I don't even want to get started about real estate prices in L.A. versus Virginia Beach. The pace is also a lot slower. The hustle and bustle of the city is not there. Traffic is non-existent. Priorities are different.

Don't get me wrong. I won't be moving back to VA anytime soon. I just need a break from my L.A. life. After a while, the slowness is stifling and I'm bored. So, I'll stick to my 4 day jaunts. It keeps the romance fresh.

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