What's Black, Yellow, and White?

Besides bees and Georgia Tech fans, shower invites come in black, yellow, and white.

Wendy's Maid of Honor, Janice contacted me about designing Wendy's Bridal Shower Invites. She had two requests. They were to use damask and the color scheme mentioned above. Here's what I came up with.

I designed the address and mailing labels using a damask pattern that I bought and manipulated.

Close-up of Mailing Label

Janice thought it would be a great idea to stamp emboss the back of the envelope.
Stamp courtesy of Jordana.

I designed this enclosure and printed the damask pattern on my inkjet printer.
We added a thick grosgrain ribbon to add more texture.

Enclosure with Invite Insert.
Actual Insert has a thin grosgrain ribbon running through the hole.

Close-up of Invite to show paper texture and ribbon.

These invites were quite labor-intensive. Thankfully, Janice called for some back-up and we had an assembly party at her house. Special Thanks to Debra, Jordana, and Janice for helping me put these together.

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csunsweetie said...

OMG. LOVE those!!

Everyone needs a G.D. in their life!! Yes, I know these DIY projects are so addicting. But I don't mind!

MissMissy said...

Lovely Anne. They are very very pretty. Great Job!

ingrid said...

these look great!

Aileen said...

Those look great! Love 'em!

Janice said...

You went above and beyond on these, Anne! Thank you so much for designing and making them!

Carmela said...

O.M.G. Those are just Fab-u-lous!

MissJordyPants said...

ohhhh they look so pretty! I heart them mucho.

Excellent design job my dear!

Anonymous said...

These are seriously the best bridal shower invites I had ever seen. Go Anne!!

Ivy said...

very pretty Anne!

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