The end of an era

When I first starting posting on the knot last year, Janice was also a "newbie" to the boards. She is a part of the remarkable group of women that I constantly talk about. She is the last among our group to tie the knot. We have all had the privilege of watching her plan her wedding and have waited in anticipation with her for her Big Day. I especially have had some insider knowledge since I helped design much of her paper accessories.

photo by Katie Ryan

The wedding was in Santa Ynez Valley, California aka The Central Coast. The ceremony was held at the Mission Santa Ines. Although Janice and J.D. had opted for a traditional Catholic mass and ceremony, they added a small personal touch at the end of the ceremony. They exited with Mikey and Minnie Mouse Wedding ears!

photo by Katie Ryan

The reception was held at the Crossroads Estate at the Firestone Vineyards. It was picturesque and nestled in rolling hills. The reception was filled with many unique details Some of these personal touches were Simpsons escort cards and table numbers, Simpsons cake topper, frog picture frames as favors, and a Grand Entrance through fog to "Vader's Theme" from Star Wars. Janice and J.D. conceptualized and planned all these details. This made for a reception that was very "Janice & J.D."

Since they were both so creative, the only things I had a hand in can be found here.

the new Mr. & Mrs. JD R.
photo by Katie Ryan

Janice Wedding-3
Keren, me, Ali, Jordana, and Paola

Janice Wedding-27
Me, Ali & Wendy

Since it was a winery wedding, we all drank to our hearts content. I think these photobooth pics give a little idea of how much of a good time we all had.

Janice Wedding-49

Janice Wedding-51

Janice Wedding-52

For the truly curious, here's a slideshow of my pictures and a few pictures taken by Janice's sister-in-law Katie.

It was amazing to see all of Janice's ideas come to fruition and celebrate with her and JD. It was, however, bittersweet at the end of the night. Our group didn't have any more weddings. Then again, I guess we'll just have to come up with new reasons to celebrate. Either way, this wedding was memorable.

Congrats again to Janice and JD!

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