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I finally got around to getting my haircut. I had been putting off and putting off. Then one day I looked in the mirror and realized that I looked like a middle-age soccer mom or Rapunzel. Either way, my look did not say chic and fashion-forward.

For a hot minute, I was trekking all the way out to Huntington Beach to see the Sam who did my hair and make-up for my wedding. She is talented, but not talented enough for me to spend $$$ on gas. HB is 36 miles from my house. Prior to Sam, Chuck in Pasadena cut my hair. I loved Chuck. However, the moment he realized I was a technology nerd and Mac cultist, he turned my haircuts into technology advice session. He gave me discounts on my cuts in exchange for my advice. This did not compensate me for the time I lost while sitting in his chair. We're talking hours, people! I would go for a trim and not come home for 2 hours. I looked fabulous, but I felt like I had the life sucked out of me.

This put me on the hunt. A few of my friends and acquaintances have gone for the post bridal-chop. I asked for the names of their respective stylists. I ruled many of them out because they were too far away or they were out of my budget.

Examples of digital perms

So, I turned to Yelp.com. I searched for Digital Perm in Los Angeles. Don't throw tomatoes at me. It's not a Jersey girl perm. It's actually a perm that produces hair that is more wavy and has body. My hair is bone straight. I wanted to try something different. As much as I love short hair and the Victorian Beckham cut that is abound, I wanted to somewhat work with the length I had. After all, I have spent the last 2.5 years growing out. My search yielded Kim Sun Young Salon in Koreatown. They had a fair number of good reviews and the name Robin camed up several times.

Kim Sun Young Beauty Salon
300 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004 (323) 467-4247

I made my appointment for Wednesday AM. I was impressed. I received great service. More importantly, Robin turned out to be a very honest. She talked me out of a digital perm and into just a great cut and color. She took 3-4 inches off the bottom and put red and burgundy high and lowlights in. She did not try to push one of the salon's other services on me. No massages or additional hair products. Just a cut and color. I am so glad that I ditched the soccer mom look.

Here are the results.
I took these using the camera on my iMac. Please excuse the quality. My hair is actually MUCH redder than the photo shows.

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Speis Girl said...

ooooh i love bangs!!! good choice.

be11agirl said...

gorgeous!!! love it Anne :)

Miss Sapphira said...

Love the new hair do! Hopefully this week I'll get around to post new blog entry. =)

MissJordyPants said...

YAAAAH for new hairs!

Ivy said...

Looks great!

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