Naughty Dottie

Dottie knows she is in BIG TROUBLE

I am happy to say I have completed Week Two of Running with the Dogs. Between Kevin's pushing and the dogs pulling, I've moved up to running 2.5 miles. It's not huge, but it's an improvement for me. I have also have taken to running with Dottie by myself. I have found that running without company allows Dottie to pay more attention to me and my control commands. Ergo, no pulling.

Today I ventured out for a nice run sans companions. I got Dottie geared up and we were off and running so to speak. After successfully completing a 1.5 mile loop, I decided that was all I could handle. I could tell Dottie was not tired. So, I extended our walk. We went another quarter mile when Dottie just threw herself to the ground. I was completely panic-stricken. I thought Oh God! My dog is having a seizure! She was rolling from side to side and finally stopped belly up. When I bent down to check on her, I realized what just happened. My nasty dog had decided to roll in fish fertilizer. I was unbelievably angry. If I could have beat my dog, I would have. (I kid, but I was crazy mad.) Meanwhile she is smiling and proud of herself. Does smelling like rotting fish give her street cred? We ran back to the truck. So much for taking it easy.

Rob didn't even get a opportunity to greet us because Dottie's stench got to him first. I illicited my revenge. Before her leash could even be hung up, she was off to the bathroom for a dreaded bath. 3 rounds of soap and rinse and she was squeeky clean... much to her dismay. Because she knows I am mad, she's been bringing me all her toys as a peace offerings. Naughty dog, that isn't enough. She's been exiled off the couch for now. Once she dries off, she'll be allowed back on. Underneath it all, I'm a softie. I'm relieved to have gotten rid of the dead fish smell. Blech!

Now, I just need to remember to steer clear of newly fertilized lawns!

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Pamela said...

After a heavy rain there is nothing my dog loves more than to roll around in the earth worms...so gross.

I love the peace offering, nice try Dottie!

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