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I've been swamped with design projects. I am definitely not complaining about it, but this means that I've neglected all kinds of stuff like... oh... personal grooming. After getting my hair cut, I looked closer at the mirror and made another realization. I looked a hot mess. I had been tweezing my eyebrows and doing manicures and pedicures at home. I am not the girliest of girls. So, let's say just say I looked like my 10 year old niece gave me a makeover.

So, I called in the heavy artillery - my mother-in-law. I am a very fortunate woman. My mother-in-law (MIL) and I get along like girlfriends. She had Rob when she was very young. So, she is young and doesn't act her age. The extra plus is that my MIL is a former cosmetic esthetician for Fred Segal who went into business for herself. I made an appointment with her at her Santa Monica studio.

We went to grab breakfast at Cinnamon, a Vegetarian Restaurant near our respective homes. It was terrible. The service was slow and the food was poorly prepared. The highlight of it was our "coffee", which tasted like warm milk with cinnamon. Maybe that's how they got their name. Either way, a Vegetarian Restaurant in Highland Park will probably be short-lived. The upside is that it made for some good laughs.

When we finally made it to her studio, my MIL gave me a disapproving once-over. She confirmed it... I was a hot mess. She then proceeded to wax almost every inch of my body. No, she does not give me bikini waxes. I have to draw the line somewhere. She also soaked, scraped and massaged my very beat-looking hands and feet. This wasn't totally without a price. She took the entire time to lecture me about personal grooming. I was a little embarrassed, but in the state I was in I had it coming. If that was the only price I had to pay, I'd gladly take it. Two and half hours later, I felt like a new woman.

In an effort to move outside my box, I selected dark nail colors. Here are some bad shots of my hands and feet.
OPI - Eieffel For This Color

Chanel - Blue Satin

As a parting gift, she handed me this.....
A bag of unused samples from her make-up artist friend!!!

I really am a lucky girl. Now, if I could just remember to keep up my appointments, life would be gravy;)

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mmmm smashbox! I'm enjoying my giveaway. Thanks mucho girlie!

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