Old Married Ladies?

Either my friends and I are really insane or really creative. I'm sure this will be open for debate.

At one of our monthly dinners, the topic of Trash-the-Dress Shoots came up. Wendy was a two-dress bride and had been unable to get good photos of her custom made reception dress. This brought up the fact that a few of us hadn't gotten photos of ourselves in our wedding dresses that we actually liked. Someone threw it out there that we should all do a shoot together. We laughed it off . Then, someone brought up this episode of "Friends"

Friends Episode "The One with All the Dresses"

and the idea caught on like wildfire. We all became friends while planning our weddings. Had it not been for our simultaneous wedding planning none of us would have met. A group TTD shoot was both ridiculous and perfect. I was a bit skeptical that we would actually do this and that I would actually fit in my dress. I should not have been.

My dress fit and a few of others were ready and willing. Our trusty photographer Jordana agreed to do the photos. Today was the day for the shoot and the reason for the bouquets in my previous post. Out of the our group of 12, 5 of us showed up to do this shoot.

Some highlights of the shoot
  • Someone asking us if we were lesbians doing a group commitment ceremony.
  • Running around a carnival at a local park and getting kicked out for not being "authorized" to take photos.
  • A random guy asking us if he could take our picture
  • All the puzzled looks we got from passers-by
  • Improvising a beer opener with my my keychain carabiner
  • Three words - Popcorn and Beer
It was completely nuts, but I had a good time. I won't say anymore. Instead I will share some of my polaroids and quick shots from the shoot.
The lovely Jordana aka Knottie Jord.Taylor of Hazelnut Photography

Crazy Bride Friends who met on theknot.com

Keren aka Knottie KZ (left) & Ali aka Knottie AliGoesBridal(right)

Natalie aka Knottie NSpeis (left) & Wendy aka Knottie Wendy55 (right)

Jordana attempting to open a beer with her keychain

Wendy who is the real life version of the St. Pauli girl


Keren with the popcorn

Natalie flashing her crinolines and the bouquet I made

Pouring a little for our homies who couldn't join us.
Jeannette, Paola, Marisa, Joellaann, Jenny, & Janice - We missed you!

More photos will be available on Jordana's photography blog.
Check out www.hazelnutphotographyblog.com for more pics.

7 more coherent thought(s):

Speis Girl said...

this was redonkulous fun. i would do it every year. hell, every month!

Janice said...

you have to do it again once I am a Hag!

aileen said...

omg! how exciting. i wish i was there to drink beer, in a gown.

nita said...

LOVE IT! Love them all!!! you guys are freaking fabulous HAGS!


jordana did a fabulous job!

Daniella Karinne said...

How fun!!! You guys look gorgeous =)

MissJordyPants said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH so much fun! Thank you for the most beautiful bouquets EVER m'dearest!

Gian said...

You girls are fabulous and this is the best idea in the history of ideas. Seriously, you guys are geniouses haha.

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